Types of Tests

1. Specific issue polygraph test - testing to determine truthfulness related to a specific incident that has taken place e.g. theft, fraud etc.  These tests are usually conducted to establish a person’s direct involvement or knowledge with regards to a specific incident. 

2. Periodic/Random/Routine polygraph test - This type of testing relates to monthly routine or random tests to verify whether or not an employee or group of employees have been involved in any illegal, non procedural or unethical activities within a company or organization that could be harmful to the company or organization.

3. Pre-employment polygraph test - an extremely effective tool in assisting an employer prior to employing a prospective employee. These tests are related to basic honesty and integrity. A number of issues are addressed such as prior dismissals, previous dishonesty in the workplace, serious undetected crimes, prior syndicate involvement, current illegal drug use etc.