Polygraph Facts

Is Polygraph effective with Psychopaths?

Extensive scientific literature clearly demonstrates that polygraph techniques are highly effective in detecting deception in psychopaths.

The psychopath is essentially in competition with an inanimate object and is, therefore, perhaps more challenged than when placed in a face-to-face encounter with a person or people who they have made a habit of duping.

The fact psychopaths are highly motivated, challenged, find themselves in a novel environment, care about being caught, and will attend to things that have an impact on their immediate well-being may be their Achilles’ heel, affording the polygraph examiner an opportunity to exploit them.

Status of tests at CCMA

Polygraphists have been accepted as expert witnesses whose evidence needs to be tested for reliability.

The duty of the commissioner is to determine the admissibility and reliability of the evidence.

Polygraph tests may not be interpreted as implying guilt, but may be regarded as an aggravating factor especially when there is other evidence of misconduct.